The Top 5 Callus Remover Gels (A Brief Overview)

Dr Scholl's Duragel Callus Remover

Having a callused feed can be a very bad experience especially for those who  want to wear sandals or footwear that show off their feet. Here we give an overview of callus remover gels that has proven to dissolve stubborn calluses within few minutes of use.

1. ProLinc Callus Eliminator

ProLinc Callus Eliminator

Calluses and crackly skin are unattractive and can lead to other skin issues. To easily get rid of calluses, the ProLinc Callus Eliminator – 4 oz is a highly recommended product that has received great reviews from customers.

This product eliminates calluses, blisters, and other skin growths on the soles within minutes. In fact, all you need is two applications to secure smooth and vibrant skin. The unit is extremely user-friendly and designed to help users save time and effort.

As an industry leader in contemporary and innovative callus removers, ProLinc is committed to helping customers tackle a myriad of foot and skin issues. This unique product is great for dry and hard skin, and is simply effective at every turn. At just 4 ounces, the product is highly mobile and incredibly lightweight in design.

In order to reap the benefits of this callus remover, you should first soak the feet or affected areas. Next, simply apply the eliminator over the callus or affected areas. Depending on the severity of the callus, it will easily be removed within 3-5 minutes. This, of course, will require a file to easily buff or gently remove the calluses from the soles of the feet.

All you then need to do is remove any excess or remnant of the callus and you are set. Once the process is completed, wash the area with water. Remember to wear flexible gloves and rinse the fingers thoroughly before application. As a person who has dealt with unattractive hard and crackling skin for years, this product is truly amazing and will meet your needs within time and budget.

Prolinc Dryheel Away Cream

Prolinc Dryheel Away Cream

If you are tired of dealing with calluses and want an instant solution, this product is simply the best. All it takes is a few steps to get the best skin in minutes. Read more

2. Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover

 Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover  The Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover has been described by many as the secret to professional pedicure at home. Many users of this product claim that is very strong on aged corns and calluses. Scrape the callused area with foot file to open up callus, apply Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover and wait for 2-3 minute for the callus to be dissolved, file it off, rinse with warm water and dry with a towel. Apply you favourite foot cream and enjoy your Do-It-Yourself Professional Salon and Spa feet right in the comfort of your home.

Do not leave on your feet for too long else it can affect your skin. It can also dissolve your nails, so, wear gloves before applying it. Read more


3. Dr Scholl’s Duragel Callus Remover

Dr Scholl's Duragel Callus Remover The Dr Scholl’s Duragel Callus Remover is designed with duragel technology for people with painful calluses on their feet and want a discreet way of removing them. The medicated discs help remove calluses, while advanced DURAGEL® technology provides all-day cushioning pain relief. Read more



4. Simon&Tom Home Pedicure Kit Callus Removing Gel

Simon&Tom Home Pedicure Kit Callus Removing Gel Treat yourself to the gift of a professional quality pedicure in the comfort of your own home with Simon&Tom Home Pedicure Kit Callus Removing Gel.  This easy to use Gel and Metal Scraper will leave your feet feeling softer, smoother and revitalised. “I went from gross feet to sandal ready in 15 minutes!” is how one user put it on Amazon. Read More


5. 40% Urea Cream Corn and Callus Remover, Skin Exfoliator and Urea Moisturizer Cream

40% Urea Cream Corn and Callus Remover, Skin Exfoliator and Urea Moisturizer Cream UREA 40 cream is specially formulated to remove thick, callused areas while re-hydrating skin to a healthy appearance, a softer, smoother and more ravishing skin surface. It is a concentrated and highly effective anti-fungal foot cream that promotes improved blood circulation, moisturizes, and provides a gentle soothing sensation to the skin. Massage your feet gently with this cream, it will glide smoothly over your feet, exfoliate and soften the skin and you will feel like you have just left the spa. When applied thinly it will act as a quick absorbing foot lotion while applied more generously it will act as a long lasting emollient foot balm. Read more